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05-08-2019, 05:25 PM -
Your steam name
Answer: TheJurassicDemon

Your steamID
Answer: STEAM_1:1:197306670

Answer: 14

Country of residence
Answer: England

Your timezone
Answer: GMT +01:00 British Summer Time

Do you have a microphone
Answer: Yes

Do you speak fluently English
Answer: Yes

Describe your personality traits using 5 positive words
(example: brave, confident, shy, careful, social, etc.)
Answer: Experienced, Social, Friendly, Smart, Organised

Describe your personality traits using 5 negative words
Answer: Messy, Distracted, Lazy, Boring, Nervous

What do you do in your spare time
(When not playing Gmod DarkRP)
Answer: Look after Discord servers for other people.

Do you have any goals or dreams that you would want to achieve?
Answer: Become a coder and a lua scripter so i create games, addons and servers for myself.

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod?
Answer: 530 Hours

How many hours are you able to contribute to staffing a day?
Answer: 5 Hours a day (Tue - Fri) (On Holiday soon so won't be on for a while after Friday)

Do you have any previous staffing experience?
Answer: Yes, I have been Co-Owner, Developer and Junior Moderator on previous DarkRP servers.

Do you have staffing experience at DarkRP? (Y/N)
Answer: Yes

Why should we choose you to be accepted as a staff member, what can you contribute to our community?
Answer: What I can contribute, is not me "being staff", but actually doing the job. I can spread happiness and I can made people feel at home while on Pomfe Gaming. I can spread my positive attitude to others so everyone enjoys themself and has a good time. I will also show people that the staff on this server are kind, willing people that are always there for you if someone is rule breaking, as long as you aren't rule breaking.

How did you hear about our DarkRP server?
Answer: I typed in a link and it took me to a different page from what i expected. DISBOARD. And the tag was "darkrp". I saw this server and I decided to join. It looked quite interesting so I decided to play it.

Name of referral, if any
Answer: Jurassic

Staff Scenarios

What will you do if you get into a dilemma, and you are unsure about how you would proceed?
Answer: I would ask for help from other staff on the server, so I don't make a wrong or unfair choice.

What is RDM?
Answer: RDM, standing for "Random Death Match", means that someone has killed someone with no valid RP reason.

What would be the fair punishment for RDM?
Answer: A warn and a reminder to read the rules.

What is NLR?
Answer: NLR, standing for "New Life Rule", means that when you die, you follow RP as if you are in a completely new life. While under the NLR timer, you should NOT interact or go to the person who killed you or the location you died in.

What is FailRP?
Answer: FailRP, standing for "Fail To Roleplay", means that someone has not Roleplayed "properly". This could range from Citizen printing to Pulling out a gun while getting mugged.

What would you do if a user is being robbed and runs away? And what exact rule does he break?
Answer: The rule that the user has broken is Rule 1.11 (FailRP) . I would bring both to a staff sit and ask the reporter what happened. Proceeding from this, I would warn the "runner" for "FailRP" and ask them to read the rules, before returning them.

What would be the fair punishment for FailRP?
Answer: A warn and a reminder to read the rules.

What is prop minge?
Answer: A prop minge, is someone who uses props for their "unintended" use. This could include ; Prop Climb, Prop Surf, Prop Kill, Prop Block, Prop Bridge, Prop Push, Prop Trap or Prop Spam.

What is rule 2.18? 
Answer: You are not allowed to block off ATMs, Car Dealers or fuel pumps. 

If a Police officer or government official randomly arrest someone, what will you do?
Answer: The rule that the user has broken is RDA. I would bring both to a staff sit and ask the reporter what happened. Proceeding from this, I would warn the Government Officer for "RDA" and ask them to read the rules, before returning them.

Do you understand that being staff means you are not allowed to abuse your powers and that at any time you may be demoted due to abuse?
Answer: Yes, I understand.

Do you understand that staffing a Gmod server is not a job? 
Answer: Yes, I understand.
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10-07-2019, 01:17 PM -
heh, indeed

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