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04-29-2019, 12:10 PM -
By closing this menu, you agree to having read, understood and approved our rules.

PLEASE NOTE: Please read the rules regularly, because they can be changed every day.

General Rules:
- Racism of any kind will not be tolerated.
- Do not ghost (Telling alive players who the traitors are, when dead).
- Do not RDM (Random Death Match).
- English only.
- Hacking of any kind is severely prohibited.
- Respect Admins' decisions.
- Do not prop abuse or prop kill.
- Do not spam the text and voice chat.
- Only use names which can be written out on an English (QWERTY) keyboard.
- Be mature and make use of common sense.
- Do not stay in the same place for over 60 seconds, this counts as camping.
- You may trade VIP items with other players, but you will not be refunded.
- Do not block someone with a prop or with your body. Blocking will lead to an instant slay.
- Your name must be tagable (i.e. contain at least 3 english letters or numbers in a row)

As Innocent:
- Don't assist traitors in any way, this includes, for instance, hiding the gold block.
- Don't throw random grenades.
- Don't use C4 or use any kind of traitor weapon when they could hurt your fellows, you CAN get killed for it.
- No random KOS (Kill on Sight).
- Do not create off-limits areas and kill anyone who trespasses.
- No killing by thought. You NEED to have clearly evidences before pulling the trigger.
- Don't hit people with a crowbar randomly or you will be slain for 1 round each time you do.
- If you choose to suicide, do not do so with a grenade, this counts as Random Nading

- Do not revive dead Innocents or Detectives. Reviving an Innocent will resolve in a slay for both sides.

As Traitor:
- Do not KOS your fellow Traitors and don't use tactics like that.
- No co-operating with innocents or detectives.
- You may put false KOSes, but not on your fellow TraitorsInnocent/Detectives can kill you for this.
- Warn your fellow Traitors before activating the TNT cart, using Jihad, planting C4, placing tripwire mines or activating the nether portal trap!

As Detective:
- All Innocent rules apply for the Detective as well.
- Use your common sense to locate the traitors.
- You may kill people for not going into the tester, but you need to give them a warning first.
- You must ask for permission in order to check for someone's weapons.
- Do not randomly tase players. You must have either a reason or their permission to tase them.

Rules For Staff Members:
- Do not under any circumstances, use commands on yourself.
- Do not use commands for fun, which includes not to spam slap etc.
- Noclip or godmode are never to be used.
- If you see an Admin abuse, report him on the forum.
- If you abuse in any kind, Rithari or Votton reserve the right to remove your rank, without question.
- Be nice to the other players. You are here to help them.
- Do not use !respawn during a round, THIS IS ONLY FOR THE PREPARING PART AND THE END OF THE ROUND!
- Moderators can only ban when there are no admins or higher online.
Never fight, accept that you're getting slain for 1 round and if you are 100% sure that you didn't do anything wrong, contact a Founder, or Server Leader.
-  Only higher ranked staff can remove commands of lower ranked staff (Example: Admins can remove slays by Moderators but Moderators can't) unless it's your own command.
- Never use !veto unless you're going to change the map after the round is over. If you are caught doing so your !veto right will be taken away immediatly.

All the rules on Pomfe.co can be changed when we wish, without telling anyone, it is therefore your responsibility to check them regularly or face the consequences. By clicking agree you are giving Pomfe the right to record your voice/gameplay for the purpose of busting Ghosting/Advertisement.
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